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Season 5, Episode 22 Happy Clipmas (2020 is Over)

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Whether or not you want it, 2020 is coming to an end and we’ve got a look back at the past season of Enterprising Individuals episodes. Plus, a tribute to… Read more »

New Star Trek: Discovery Novel “Dead Endless” Due Out December 17

As we reported yesterday on Twitter, author Dave Galanter has written a new Star Trek: Discovery novel which is due out on December 17th of this year. The book, which… Read more »

Season 4, Episode 9.5 Star Trek: Discoverage! Discovery Season Two Revisited

We beam ourselves into ourselves this week so we can relive Star Trek: Discovery Season 2! Author Dave Galanter and podcaster Aly Martinez aka the 23 Year Old Trekkie join… Read more »

Discoverage Short Treks: “The Brightest Star”

We are talking the #StarTrekDiscovery #ShortTrek “The Brightest Star” LIVE! Tweet to the show at @eistpod with the hashtag #discoverage to join the conversation! w/ guest Dave Galanter Listen to… Read more »

Season 3, Episode 9: “Remember” (VOY) with Dave Galanter

We return to the Delta Quadrant this week for a look at one of Trek’s most affecting and poignant hours: “Remember”! Author Dave Galanter is back on the show to… Read more »

Season 2, Episode 14: “Amok Time” (TOS) with Dave Galanter

Hilarity ensues this week as the Pon Farr drives us back to Vulcan for “Amok Time”! Author Dave Galanter joins us for a look at the first episode of Star… Read more »