Season 5, Episode 17 “Indiscretion” (DS9) with Mikanhana

Get out your dermal regenerator as we sit down for “Indiscretion”!

Podcaster Mikanhana returns to the show this week to discuss an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine that introduces us to Dukat’s more “human” side. When Kira finds a long-lost freighter carrying Bajoran slaves, she’s forced to take Legate Dukat on her expedition. But when a Dukat “family secret” is revealed, she’ll have to risk everything to save the life of a defenseless girl!

Skrain(?) Dukat is a fascinating character and really the first and arguably most successful recurring villain in the Trek franchise. He is not, however, a “cool guy”. We admire qualities like self-sufficiency and confidence in others, but those qualities are divorced from any particular value system. They are admirable in empathetic and conscientious characters like Sisko or Kira, but they’re onerous in venal, petty, and sadistic characters like, well, Dukat. On this episode, we discuss the way that some fans miss the point of Dukat in the narrative of DS9, the persistence of “Dukat was right” memes, the dangers of failing up, weaponizing values when you have none, the “family feel” of DS9, liking unlikeable characters, and the virtue of being vulnerable.

We also discuss being the Flanders of the galaxy, fighting over Luke Skywalker, taking a long car ride with Hitler, an Empok Nor Surfin’ Safari, dissing Shane, the first of many Ziyals, the difference between Ten Forward and Quark’s, the secret of the long runabout scenes, #2 Kira hair, keeping away from Geordi, Kal’s stuck on Farscape again, Mika’s got a million unanswerable questions, and OW MY BUTT!

It’s a big step!

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