Season 5, Episode 10 “The Sword of Kahless” (DS9) with Gooey Fame

Don’t bother to bring your stinking badges ’cause we’re looking for “The Sword of Kahless”!

Musician and podcaster Gooey Fame is back on the show this week to discuss an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine that sees our heroes leave the safety of the Federation to go on a dangerous treasure hunt. After years of searching, Dahar Master Kor believes he has found the location of the great Sword of Kahless. But can Worf, Jadzia, and Kor reach the sword before Toral, son of Duras, and will their victory mean the end of their friendships . . . and their lives?

Worf (and Worf actor Michael Dorn) is one of the unsung figures of the Star Trek Franchise, having appeared in 3 Trek series and 5 feature films. The strength, gravity, and unintentional levity he brings to his character make him one of the most appealing characters in the franchise, and his portrayal of Worf as a man in conflict with his past, his family, and his legacy has been the font of many a great Trek story (and hopefully more to come). On this episode, we talk about the history and legacy of the character, Wor’s unwavering commitment to honor, why so many of his victories seem like defeats, the impressive lore of the Klingon racer, the impressively long character arc of Kor, and Trek’s rock-solid bench of side characters.

We also discuss the nature of veganism in Trek, the unbelievable career of stunt man Tom Morga, innocent god swords, “Korf” is Worf’s Wario, #SpockHelmet, blue crystal razors, another(!) Starlost shout-out, the 3 sacred treasures of Japan, Neutrogena T-Gel money, caves caves caves, making Christopher Plummer be in your PC game, Sisko as the “cool teacher”, a little Picard talk, some Trek news, Gooey is waiting for that Worf show, and Kal’s got mad Gowron love!


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