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Season 5, Episode 10.5 Trek Biology Revisited with Dr. Athena Andreadis

This week, Dr. Athena Andreadis joins the show to discuss biology in Trek, the “moral leaks” of the Federation, the COVID-19 response, and more! Tardigrades in SPAAAAAAAACE! Get “To Seek… Read more »

Season 5, Episode 10 “The Sword of Kahless” (DS9) with Gooey Fame

Don’t bother to bring your stinking badges ’cause we’re looking for “The Sword of Kahless”! Musician and podcaster Gooey Fame is back on the show this week to discuss an… Read more »

Season 5, Episode 9.5 Born With Teeth

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This week, we’re taking a quick tour of Trek news, including stories about virtual conventions, Janeway statues, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar! Plus, a review of Kate Mulgrew’s first book, “Born With… Read more »

Season 5, Episode 9.25 Minneapolis Protests Update

A quick update this week about the protests in Minneapolis and where you can donate to support protestors and local businesses. We’ll be back next week with our regular programming…. Read more »