Season 5, Episode 6 “Take Me Out to the Holosuite” (DS9) with Ella Pearson

Step up to the plate this week for our discussion of “Take Me Out to the Holosuite”!

Ella Pearson of the Generations Geek podcast joins the show to discuss an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine that shifts from the field of battle to the ball field. Captain Sisko and Captain Solok have hated each other since the Academy, but when Solok and his team of Vulcans challenge the crew of DS9 to a friendly baseball game, Sisko will have to whip his gaggle of lollygaggers into fighting shape!

Baseball died minutes after it was born in the Star Trek universe when it was declared that mankind had no time for such frivolous pursuits in its new future. But baseball is all about hope, guts, and heart, the very emotions that will always define humanity, regardless of the century in question. On this episode, we talk about the warmth and emotion present in some of DS9’s best hours, how baseball and Michael Piller inspired the development of the series, the rare but welcome moments when Trek “goes funny”, the episode of “Fame” inspired this story, the ubiquity of baseball in American culture even as the sport is in decline, the need to root for an underdog, and the sentiment and nostalgia anchor all baseball-related media.

We also discuss the game’s crazy traditions and legends, huge cats in space, confusing Netflix advisories, a 25-year-long wrestling match, Dogstar, handicapping Max, vibe check on Ezri, 186 Turkey Toms, Rube Waddell, was Flint Ty Cobb?, RIP NISHIOKA, Tiger Woods Jake, a plea for an “Outlaws” reboot, Ella reviews Loyola Marymount, Aaron’s charging the mound, and we pick our Star Trek dream team starting lineup!

This episode will pause every 3 minutes for a Schweigert ad!

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