Season 5, Episode 1 “Captain’s Holiday” (TNG) with Kevin Church

Open your copy of Ulysses and display your horga’hn as we go on a “Captain’s Holiday”!

Editor and comics scribe Kevin Church is back on the show this week to discuss an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that gives the hardest working man in Starfleet a break. Captain Picard has been ordered to take some R&R on Risa and he’s determined to not have any fun. But when a beautiful woman, a scheming Ferengi, and two time-travelers crash his vacation, he’ll have to save the universe while off-the-clock and maybe have just a little fun in the process!

Ira Steven Behr may be Mr. DS9 (and Mr. Bluebeard), but he cut his teeth on TNG in the show’s breakout 3rd season and delivered a fun and somewhat out-of-character romp for Captain Picard. The structure and tropes of noir fiction are what make it so enduring as a genre and with “Captain’s Holiday”, Behr proved that they could work in the 24th century, too, and revealed the romantic hero chops of Patrick Stewart in the process. On this episode, we talk about adding depth to the characters of TNG, the great rhythm in storytelling the show achieved as it developed, the brilliance of Patrick Stewart (and Max Grodenchik), finding new uses for time-travel, the realities of economy and sex work in the Federation, growing the show beyond Gene’s original vision, and how this episode almost featured a pan-sexual orgy.

We also discuss using improvisational skills to develop your film franchise, the Amazing Chip Chalmers, “Ayyyy! I’m doing a Star Trek here!”, making “extra Trek” aliens, bringing Ulysses to a sex planet, which women’s blouse goes with your jodhpurs, Q’s love for Picard, the awkwardness of 24th-century fun, Star Trek comic tie-ins, a little Dolly Parton talk, Kevin names Dr. McCoy the best character in fiction and Aaron wants to see him take on Batman!

We’re fraught and excited at the same time!

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