Season 4, Episode 15 “Emissary” (DS9) with Derek Tyler Attico

Get ready to boldly stay as we meet with “Emissary”!

Author, essayist, and photographer Derek Tyler Attico joins the show the week to discuss the premiere episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, a series that bravely broke from the established formula of Trek to create the future of the franchise! When Benjamin Sisko arrives on Deep Space Nine, he’s a grieving single father who is questioning his future in Starfleet. But when a startling discovery in Bajoran space promises to change the balance of power in the quadrant, he must put aside his doubt and lead his crew and the Bajoran people to a new destiny!

DS9 grew from a risky spin-off show to one of the highlights of the Trek franchise, presenting a richly embroidered world that made TOS and TNG’s allegories explicit and led to more mature storytelling in Trek. It was a series that thrived under its seeming limitations and excelled at mining real-world issues and ills for story potential. On this episode, we talk about how DS9 broke from the “seven people on a ship” premise, the genius of Michael Piller and the influence of Brandon Tartikoff, giving your show time to breathe, presenting a more “human” lead, seeing a black family in space, “redeeming” faith in the 24th century, the show’s perfect casting, and how staying put was the logical next evolution for the franchise.

We also discuss empathy as a diplomatic tool, the difference between an omnipotent alien and God, not wrecking your perfect opening, Sisko as Moses, bravely not facing the Borg, Sisko as The Rifleman, baseball as a teaching tool, Trek’s first opening crawl, warming up to TNG, Kal starts a little baseball talk, and Derek wants you to call him Batman!

It’s a show that goes nowhere!

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