Season 4, Episode 2.5 Supplemental: Utopia vs. Dystopia with Lyta Gold

Get ready to “U” your “topia” as we look at the evolved world of the Trek universe! Lyta Gold of Current Affairs joins the show to talk about the world of Trek, the brutality of Discovery, the self-conscious “wokeness” of the Federation, and where the “light” of Discovery is!

Plus, we discuss the connection of God and Shakespeare, a spa day for Burnham, the S (ocialism) word in Trek, Section 31, the cinematic theory behind zombies and vampires, Worf’s bad time on Sex Planet, just how many showers and hot meals we are from anarchy, soft dystopia, Kal capes for the Culture, and Lyta wants to know what that Discovery scene is all about?

So, all the lawyers are dead, right?

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