Season 4, Episode 2 “Justice” (TNG) with Stuart Hollis and Thad Hait

Hold on to your hats this week as we play ball with “Justice”!

Stuart Hollis and Thad Hait of the Delta Flyer Podcast and the Stargate Weekly Podcast join the show to talk about an early episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that pushes the Theiss Titillation Theory to the point of (wardrobe) malfunction! The Enterprise pulls into Rubicun III, a planet of sexually-liberated, Scandinavian jogging enthusiasts. But when Wesley stops to maul the roses, the crew learns that this Edenic paradise is deadly serious about the “broken window” theory and they’ve got “God” in their corner!

Our heroes get primed by their own Directive in this episode, as the Federation’s twin pillars of integrity and non-interference are put on trial. During our talk, we discuss Justice’s amazing pedigree and mediocre execution, protecting a society even if you don’t like that society, interpreting legislative intent, marinating in the feel of season 1 TNG, the “smell test” of a Prime Directive violation, and why a planet with no crime is always a red flag.

We also talk about the scantily-clad Ring of Gyges, rolling the dice in a Purge situation, how a bicycle could let you rule Rubicun III, how many gangster planets are in the Federation’s past, an eye for an eyeful, Gene’s obsession with fist-fighting Jesus, the “emotion” of motherhood, discovering sex thanks to Chekov, Stuart goes to bat for worshiping pocket lint, Thad just KNOWS Riker got a free sample, and Aaron thinks the whole thing is an unconscious AIDS metaphor!

What does God need with all this baby oil?

*This episode is dedicated to John D.F. Black*

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