Season 4, Episode 1.5 Supplemental: Trek Biology and Genetics with Dr. Mohamed Noor

Put that phaser away because we’re looking at life . . . just not as we know it! Dr. Mohamed Noor of Duke University joins the show this week to talk about the biology and genetics of Star Trek! During the program, we discuss everything from Augments to Xindi, and Dr. Noor shares his insights and research into the real world examples of biological phenomena seen in various Trek series, like, horizontal gene transfer, designer diseases and babies, chimeras and polyploids, why our first aliens will probably be microorganisms, the important questions about home genetic testing kits, and why we’re more closely related to grass than to Klingons.

Plus, we rate the science of Star Trek: Discovery, ponder the implications of a mushroom universe, flip through Barlowe’s Guide to Extraterrestrials, discuss unethical medical journals, take a look back at Threshold, and we definitely DO NOT know who BioTrekkie is!

It’s hortas all the way down!

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