Season 3, Episode 12: “Family” (TNG) with Jeffrey Lang

Finish that bottle of Chateau Picard ’49 and let the mudslinging begin as we pay a visit to “Family”!

Author Jeffrey Lang is back on the show to talk about one of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s most offbeat and heartfelt episodes. Picard has escaped the clutches of the Borg and saved the Federation once again, but he can’t win the battle against the memory of his traumatic experience without the tough love of his estranged brother, Robert . . . and a well-timed mud fight.

Join us as we look at one of TNG’s only epilogues, an episode that was literally underrated, but one that shows, more than any other, the true, beating heart of Trek. Along the way, we talk about the growing maturity in storytelling of TNG’s middle years, the key performances that make this episode work, the small flashes of continuity afforded on a procedural show, and how sometimes being screwed up is exactly right.

Plus, we discuss the horse thief Crusher, Gene hating Picard’s fear, the best old guy fight in sci-fi television, the drawbacks of synthehol, the myth of the effective admiral, whether Kennedys cry, the literal lost art of matte painting, Jeff checks TV Guide circa 1991 for Macguyver times, and Kal posits the existence of exoeconomists!

Make Atlantis Dry Again!

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