Season 3, Episode 11: “Balance of Terror” (TOS) with Andy Weir

We’re running both silent and deep this week as we play cat-and-mouse with “Balance of Terror”!

New York Times best-selling author and John W. Campbell Award winner Andy Weir joins the show to discuss the best submarine movie in space! The Enterprise is tracking a mysterious foe, but their prey proves far from helpless, leading to a deadly game of chess between two skilled commanders and their brave crews!

Join us as we break down the Original Series episode that gave us the Romulans, cloaking devices, the Neutral Zone, the fabulous Mark Lenard, and more Cold War parallels than you can shake a sickle at! We talk the claustrophobic feel of ship-to-ship combat, the deftness of Trek’s many retcons, the byzantine process of the Enterprise’s workflow, choosing who you’ll save by the act’s thematic resonance, the makings of a good “villain”, and the dogged persistence of the “we have met the enemy and he is us” trope!

Plus, we discuss the Pentateuch Cinematic Universe, the Wrath of Wah Chang, Farmer Hoggett’s invention of warp drive, sexist Tellarites, lunching with Joss Whedon, slow talkin’ Klingons, and why Starfleet self-destructs should make you use a special character.

All that and a space wedding, too! Dive in today!

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