Season 3, Episode 1: “The Tholian Web” (TOS) with Gordon Purcell

Season Three of Enterprising Individuals is off and running as we try to break out of “The Tholian Web”!

Comics artist Gordon Purcell joins the show to talk about an episode that’s a ray of light in a dark sector of interspace, Star Trek’s turd, er . . . third season. Along the way, we discuss the trials of Trek’s third season, including less money, losing staff, mismanagement, and the one-two-three punch of Laugh-In, Jerry Lewis, and Minnie Pearl. Plus we get a feel of those silver lamé space suits, ask ourselves what Gilligan’s Island fans call themselves, explore the connections to the Mirror Universe, dismissing Uhura, and SPACE! MADNESS!

Plus, Gordon talks about getting his start in comics and working with John de Lancie, Kal posits Tang as a possible universal panacea and admires the steely nerves of Dr. McCoy, and we take a slight detour into Spock’s Brain!

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